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Choicelesss Awareness- Accepting What Is- Melbourne Event

Namaste Spiritual Seekers.

In this satsang we will discuss and go deeper into understanding Choiceless Awareness and acceptance.

Life is full of situations which demand actions. But a seeker is always second guessing his or her actions – should I accept and be compassionate or should I take action which might lead to confrontations?

The problem is that we are looking at the action in a completely wrong way. There is so much emphasis on the action itself that we totally ignore the space from which action arises.

Can this space be transformed?

We will be going deeper into this whole complex of Acceptance, the mind and Choiceless Awareness.

Choiceless awareness was used by J krishnamurthi and the word captures beautifully the state which is described as pure witnessing in Non duality ( Advaita Vedanta).


Date 10th May 2019
Time 6pm-8pm
Address – 7 barber court, Cheltenham 3192, (Melbourne). Victoria, Australia

During my years of seeking, the words of Nisargadata, J krishnamurti and Ramana Maharishi were my bedrock, and finally when the immensity exploded within me, these very words became a description of my state.

This will also be a satsang where seekers can meet like minded seekers and inspire & support each other on the path to awakening.

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