The Direct Path To Spiritual Awakening

The Direct Path
Spiritual Awakening

Meditation Process & Techniques for Inner Transformation

The initial purpose of meditation is to empower you to live a rich life, helping you attain inner balance and harmony. The ultimate purpose is to make you aware of the different levels of consciousness, unlocking your true potential and experiencing incredible states of higher consciousness overflowing with infinite peace and bliss.

In my long spiritual journey, I practiced and researched countless meditations techniques including mindfulness, breath awareness, mantra chanting and deep contemplation on various aspects of non-duality, Zen and Buddhism. I have distilled 23 years of this wisdom and insights into a simple step by step approach which is easy to follow. I believe each one of us can find peace, bliss, happiness and the infinite consciousness. When we integrate peace and awakening in our daily life, we make our lives and of those around us immensely beautiful.

For the last 2 years, I have been bringing together my insights and practical experience to create a simple yet profound meditation process which fulfills the needs of beginners as well as advance seekers who want to dive deeper into consciousness to get a glimpse of their own true nature. If you are looking to find peace and happiness to heal your mind, this meditation process can help you. And if you are looking to experience higher states of consciousness and awareness, you can use this meditation process to attain them.

Some of you might be at the beginning of this beautiful journey of self-discovery, some in the middle, and some might have reached the infinite. To address the needs, I have divided the practice into 5 different levels. The initial 2 levels will-

  • Restore balance and harmony in your life
  • Replace stress with a deep sense of joy and happiness
  • Create space around emotions- help in equanimity and serenity.

After finding harmony and peace, some seekers want to continue their journey and delve deeper into the realms of consciousness. The further 3 levels help you understand the three aspects of consciousness – Witness, Observer and Awareness and finally help you break free from the limitation of the mind and personality.

5 levels of meditation and awareness

The meditation levels provide a fluid roadmap of inner growth and maturity. Since everyone’s mind is different, they will experience the world in their own unique ways. As such, the meditation levels are mere signposts than rigid steps, and you are welcome to explore and start from wherever you are comfortable.

  1. Beginners – Start here if you are stepping into the world of meditation. You might have heard how mediation can help stress, anxiety and unhappiness. Here you learn the very basics of what meditation is and how you can use it to calm your mind. There are a variety of meditation techniques which can help you achieve stillness, peace and tranquility.

Practice- Guided Mindfulness Meditation, Quick Mind Reset Meditation, Become a Peace Shifu

  1. Clarity & Healing– If you have been meditating and becoming aware of your mind and thoughts, you will have experienced some measure of peace. The next step helps in becoming more aware of how mind and emotions function, giving you more clarity into your own mental conditioning. It also helps you go deeper into your own self. It also introduces you to the concepts of awareness and conscious presence.

Practice- Deep Breath Awareness Meditation, understanding conscious presence.

  1. Consciousness and witness – You are passionate about meditation and want to dive deeper into consciousness and investigate how thoughts and desires arise from consciousness. This level helps you to watch your consciousness as a witness. You gain exciting insights into how your sense of self evolves and get in touch with your inner most sense of being.

Practice – Witness consciousness, inquiry into consciousness

  1. Pure Awareness: This level requires understanding how awareness, consciousness, witnessing and the mind come together. The practice shifts towards reflection, deep contemplation and stabilizing in pure awareness.  The final awakening happens during these intense contemplations, consciousness explodes and you experience higher states of consciousness. This is an amazing state of being which we as human beings can experience.

Practice –observing the observed, separating the witness from awareness, stabilizing in pure sense of presence.

  1. Integration– The immense sense of infinity, silence and deep bliss is integrated in everyday activities. There is no set path or practice for this last phase. The inner maturity of your awareness will help you on this final journey. After integration, we live as ordinary beings in the world, but inwardly we radiate tremendous bliss, peace and silence. Our presence touches the deepest core of those around us, inspiring them to find the same freedom that we have experienced.

Integration is not the end of the journey though; it is just the beginning of an endless dawn.

5 Responses

  1. As one gets deeper into meditation, one comes to see the true nature of consciousness;
    one begins to realize its infinite nature. This is the doorway which leads to the highest consciousness.

  2. Hi Rajiv, very beautifully written posts. There have been many studies over the years showing changes in the brain function and mind states following meditation practice. There have also been large studies showing that meditation is an effective technique for reducing stress, anxiety and depression. It has been proven that practicing meditation regularly can have profound effects on the brain and mind.

  3. I usually try to start with a quiet meditation, then slowly shift to a calm silence on my own. This is more difficult to do if you are tired or stressed. I generally listen to music on those stressful days. One benefit of listening to relaxing music is that it can make you relaxed. For me, the technique has worked beautifully. Finally, I tend to meditate at night.

  4. We’re a group of volunteers and opening a new meditation center. There are some wonderful insights provided by you regarding meditation techniques. Thank you !

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