The Direct Path To Spiritual Awakening

The Direct Path
Spiritual Awakening

“There was infinite space, unimaginable immensity in which my very being dissolved. Slowly, my consciousness expanded, becoming one with the sky. Time lost all its meaning and how long the state lasted, I was not sure.”

My first experience of Spiritual Awakening & Higher states of consciousness

Inner Spiritual Awakening & Higher States of Consciousness

I dedicated 23 years of my life seeking enlightenment. My pursuit for truth, reality, emptiness, peace and self-discovery took me through the profound depths of mysticism, psychology, and neurobiology. I meditated 14 hours a day, stayed with monks, lived in the Himalayan caves, learned from wise sages and researched every major spiritual systems, including Zen, Non Duality, Yoga, Buddhism etc. I also delved deeply into latest neuroscience research on consciousness, perception and neural networks.

Then one momentous morning in 2005, I experienced my first shift into higher states of consciousness, an inner spiritual awakening. This was followed by days of infinite ecstasy and bliss. It was the beginning of my journey into the wisdom of my own self.

I created this website to take you on the most amazing journey of your life, journey into the vast realms of awareness, into the ocean of infinite bliss and peace. My purpose is to help you break free from your limited perception of your mind, helping you experience the immensity of pure awareness.

Meditation and contemplation can provide a new perspective in life which can help you attain inner peace and joy and lead to spiritual growth and discovering the states of pure self-awareness.

I firmly believe that everyone can discover these amazing states of boundless peace and stillness, culminating in realization of our own true nature.

You don’t have to spend the next 20 years seeking awakening.  You can find meaning, bliss and joy in this very life, by understanding and practicing simple meditation steps. I have stripped away all confusing religious and metaphysical concepts, focusing more on secular, rational and scientific enquiry.

Without depth, stillness and a profound sense of well being, life has no meaning.
But there is hope. Infinite peace and bliss is possible for everyone.

On this website you will find deep insights into self and awakening, resources and a step by step meditation process to access ever more sublime states of being. I will share with you the deep insights into awareness and meditation which I gained in my amazing spiritual journey.

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What is spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening occurs when you re connect with your own consciousness and experience profound states of bliss and peace. It leads to a radical inner transformation, shifting your perception from the outer world of thoughts and emotions to the inner world of pure awareness, leading to higher states of consciousness.