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The Direct Path
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Quick Mind Reset – Meditation for Instant Calm and Peace

This technique draws its strength from 2 ancient techniques, the humming meditation practiced by the Tibetan monks and the ancient Indian yogic breathing technique called Bhramari. Humming is an ancient form of sound meditation, which infuses the mind and body with healing and peace.

I combined these two powerful systems to create a tool which can help you feel rejuvenated and grounded in minutes. This is a simple yet powerful meditation relevant to our contemporary lifestyles of extreme stress.

Scientific research shows that humming rapidly stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the system that triggers relaxation. This calms your entire nervous system which results in relaxed muscles, reduced stress and has healing effects on your heart.

Guided meditation – Quick Mind Reset in 2 minutes

Sit in a comfortable position. Take 3 deep breath and exhale.

Now with your index finger (or any other finger), gently close your ear canal. Simply insert your fingers in your ears, blocking all external sounds.

Once you have done this, start making a humming sound. You can make the sound with your mouth open or closed. It is better to do it with your mouth open as this creates more resonance. 

Focus on the humming sound to the exclusion of everything. Adjust the pressure and position of the finders in your ears to feel the maximum impact of the humming. As you move your fingers, you will feel the volume of the humming going up and down. Try and keep the volume to the maximum.

Pay attention to how the sound resonates inside your head and your body. You can also play around with the pitch of the humming and you will note that your entire body will start resonating at a particular pitch.

Once you have exhaled completely, take another deep breath and start making the deep humming sound again. Do this for 2 minutes. It is important to breathe deeply for this technique to work.

When you unplug your ears, you will immediately feel calm, relaxed and centered.

It is amazing how this simple yet powerful technique is. With time, you can increase the humming to more than 2 minutes.  The only issue with a longer time is that your arms will start giving up after a few minutes. A unique solution is to use some good earplugs to block the ears, instead of using your fingers.

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