The Direct Path To Spiritual Awakening

The Direct Path
Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening Quotes & Poems

Quote witnessing Rajiv Agarwal

Pure witnessing still has the center, there is still someone doing the witnessing. There is still a division between the observer and the observed.

Totality what is quote

This totality, the what is contains everything, including all the pain & suffering.

Spiritual quote timeless consciousness

When you awaken to the truth within, you realize that there is just one moment. That moment is timeless because there is no other frame of reference for that moment.

spiritual immensity

“The ‘Me’ is afraid of not being someone, but the great immensity holds its quivering hands, and leads it lovingly into itself, until only immensity remains.

Non Duality quote
If you try to turn around and search for a “me” you will find that there is no one there.
Content of consciousness

Don’t be too engrossed in the content of your consciousness. The content keeps changing, consciousness does not.

Spiritual quote consciousness content

Though you might have had thousands of amazing experiences, it will still not fulfill you, unless you come to know the experiencer. Without an experiencer, what is the value of your experiences?

silence quote rajiv agarwal

In this wondrous ever-present consciousness, everything dissolves and only silence remains.

Pure consciousness rajiv quote

In pure consciousness, all divisions finally dissolve.

Non duality spiritual quote

Any desire, which says I am not enough, is a movement away from what is.

Life is endless movement in the ever present stillness

“Life is eternal movement, and this movement happens in the ever present stillness ”

Awareness spiritual rajiv agarwal quote

“In the immensity of silence, Awareness shines without boundaries, who ever touches it, dissolves. If the person has dissolved, who is typing this message? It is the immensity, expressing itself through itself..”

identity ego spirituality quote

The same identity that you felt as a child is still there, it is unbroken. Though this identity feels limited, you are much more then this identity.

mind peace quote

The mind is the root of everything and without understanding your desires and fears and the entire web of it, you will not find peace, even if you travel to the end of mountains and live like a monk.

non duality ego experience quote

your immediate experience right now is that there is this ‘me’ which is reading these words. I want you to peek behind this me, go deeper and uncover its very foundation.

Ending of mind quote

Can the mind come to an end from its desires, anxiety- from the me and the mine, the past and the future. Because, without the mind coming to an end, whatever we look at, whatever we think, will still be in the realm of the mind.

Choiceless awareness quote

Can you just witness whatever arises, without letting the past conditioning colour it? This pure observation, without a center, is choiceless awareness.

Consciousness quote rajiv agarwal

On the direct path, instead of building up more concepts, we keep discarding all conceptual knowledge, till we reach the source. You become one with this very consciousness, which is prior to concepts, without conditioning, which is limitless, blissful and immeasurable

consciousness unfolding quote rajiv

When you hold on to the sense of presence, it finally unfolds into timeless being. You realize that you are life itself, the source and essence of all that is.

Awareness being quote Rajiv Agarwal

In pure awareness there is total freedom from the mind, from the past, from the little center which says “me”. What remains is the simple sense of being- not being this or that, but just pure being.

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  1. I would like to share my perspective on duality and non duality.

    It is clear, however, that in the practice the duality of the two and its dual nature are not simply a confused way of understanding. There is wisdom in the duality, just as in all of creation.
    If it should appear for a moment to be just as confused as when I say that every human being has an infinite dual nature

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