The Direct Path To Spiritual Awakening

The Direct Path
Spiritual Awakening

The Seeker – Inspiring Journey to Enlightenment

The Seeker is a spiritual coming-of-age story. It is one man’s quest to break free from the web of sorrow and the epic journey he undertakes to attain enlightenment.

I started writing this book in early 2006 and it took me 7 years to finish. I wanted to capture the numerous spiritual experiences and insights I had gained in my long journey. Even though this is a  fictional story, many experiences and insights which appear in the book have been directly experienced by me.

You can buy this book on Amazon. I have priced it very low, only $3.99 USD. If you have financial difficulties, I am happy to send across a free digital copy of this book to you. Please send me an email through the contact us page.


As a child, Adrian has vibrant dreams and luminous visions of a mysterious sage. The quest to find the sage takes him on an amazing journey from Paris to the Himalayas, full of incredible experiences and transformations.

But the path to enlightenment is fraught with temptations, desires and deceptions. Can Adrian be true to himself and stay on the path? The luminous sage, does he really exist or is it just his imagination? To know the truth, Adrian has to piece together events as far back as three lifetimes and solve the mystery of “the rainbow of eight colour

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