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Meditation - Am I Doing It Right?

When I was a spiritual seeker, I experimented with a huge range of meditation techniques- mindfulness, chanting, breathing, zen, kundalini, awareness, witnessing etc.

Subsequently, I followed deeper contemplative meditation techniques to find the source of thoughts, the source of the “I” itself. Each process of meditation was different and gave different results.

In this Satsang, we will go deeper into the various meditation techniques and understand how all of them converge.

Whatever meditation technique you employ, there are 2 aspects to it, the meditation technique and the one who is meditating. What is the relationship between the meditator ( the ‘me’ which is meditating) and meditation? We have to understand this fundamental relationship for any meditative practice to be successful.

This will also be a satsang where seekers can meet like minded seekers and inspire & support each other on the path to awakening.

Date 24th May 2019
Time 6pm-8pm
Address – 7 barber court, Cheltenham 3192, (Melbourne) Victoria, Australia

During my years of seeking, the words of Nisargadata, J krishnamurti and Ramana Maharishi were my bedrock, and finally when the immensity exploded within me, these very words became a description of my state.

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