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Timeless Consciousness – Awakening to the Truth - Free Talks & Meditation

“Timelessness is not more time, it is not eternity which is endless time, but beyond the field of time itself.”

Time is movement, and so is thought. In this meetup, we will discuss how the “I” uses time and tries to fulfill itself through time. But this “I” is just a fragment of consciousness, which is at the heart of time itself.

To step beyond the stream of time, we need to go deeper and investigate this consciousness itself from which both time and space arise.

Details- Sunday , 24th Nov,2019. 
AddressKathleen Syme Library and Community Centre, 251 Faraday St · Carlton (Please come to Multipurpose Room 2 on the first floor. )


2:30pm – 3:40pm Talks & discussions on Consciousness & Timelessness
3:40pm – 4:00pm Meditation
4:00pm – 4:30pm Spiritual Networking/Make friends on the path

This is a free event.

About me – I dedicated 23 years of my life seeking enlightenment. My pursuit for truth, reality, emptiness and self-discovery took me through the profound depths of mysticism. I meditated 14 hours a day, stayed with monks, lived in the Himalayan caves, learned from wise sages and researched every major spiritual systems, including Zen, Non Duality, Yoga, Buddhism etc.

Then one momentous morning in 2005, I experienced my first shift into higher states of consciousness, an inner spiritual awakening. This was followed by days of infinite ecstasy and bliss. Finally, the years of seeking culminated and I finally awoke to the immensity within.

I now share my deep insights to help seekers progress on the path of awakening & meditation. My approach is secular, based on personal experience.

You can read about my spiritual journey here- https://innerspiritualawakening.com/rajiv-agarwal/my-journey/

Please note- There is limited seating. If you are unable to attend, please update your RSVP so that someone else can come. This event is for adults(18+) only.